Top 5 dan x Amy moments you want from season 7

Top 5 dan x Amy moments you want from season 7

Ooh, good one.

1. For the massively delayed shouting match to finally happen please for the love of god. I want Amy to tear into Dan so much I can almost taste it.

2. Dan. Pining. And no more pining lovelorn scenes with Amy – the scene where we were encouraged to laugh at her for having (apparently) unrequited feelings were more mean-spirited than I like Veep to get. At least Dan DESERVES to feel miserable and unlovable after the way he’s behaved – Amy hadn’t done anything to earn it. (Also, giving Anna Chlumsky that one note to play over and over again got rather dull – the mere concept of Dan having genuine feelings is so outlandish that I don’t think Reid Scott will have that problem).

3. Another scene with Amy’s family. I mean, if we thought her Dad hated Dan BEFORE. Just the thought of Dan trying to make it through dinner without pissing anyone off is delightful, the comedy almost writes itself.

4. A kiss or some other on-screen acknowledgement of their feelings – surely the audience has been tortured enough at this point?

5. Some moment where Dan shows how much he actually IS attracted to Amy. They’ve had him talk down her attractiveness so much that – even if that’s all part of his denial – it’s started to get rather depressing, especially as Buddy clearly didn’t do much to make her feel at all desirable. Like, at least give the girl a love interest who is honestly attracted to her just as she is and doesn’t pretend otherwise.