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I really did want to know the answer to my question (I vote improve – the waggle and reaction seemed all Reid and Anna) but got this great exchange between Reid, David Mandel, and Matt instead!

Gif by @whitelaws

What do you think?

@thebookofmaev In response to your Reid/Anna anon post, I had asked David #4 but as you’ll see in this exchange, they all avoided answering the actual question. (It was still amusing. I also need to learn how to search my own posts because this took forever to find! Lol.)

I think it’s probably worth it for that exchange!  Plus, everyone knows that Gary Cole’s beard is to be treasured.  

I’d tend to think it was improvised, to be honest.  Mostly because, in my experience, script writers (at least for theatre) (and who aren’t George Bernard Shaw or Samuel Beckett) are strongly advised not to script reactions to that degree of specificity – actors aren’t puppets after all.  That’s half the joy of writing for a dramatic (as opposed to a literary) form, seeing actors bring the parts to life in ways you hadn’t anticipated or expected, the actors almost making your own writing new to you.  (The other half is getting to sit in a room with a whole group of people laughing at your joke, or rapt and still with attention at your words).

Besides, Anna Chlumsky’s reaction looks a little bit like she broke (not to the extent of corpsing, of course) because she wasn’t expecting it.