Irish pro-life movements

Have I ever mentioned Just how enraged I am by those people? Because my god the hateful stuff they come out with makes me almost burst a blood vessel.

This is the latest. A campaign group called “Both Lives Matter.” Appropriating the language of the Black Lives Matter campaign to justify retaining a law that has led to nothing less than obscenities over the years.

Because, let’s be clear, even if you are pro-life, you should be able to acknowledge that the Constitution is not the place to have abortion law. Having it in the Constitution, with the resulting lack of subtlety, has led to numerous situations where doctors could not act in the best interests of their patients because of a lack of legal clarity. Savita Halapanavar DIED because they had to wait for the fetal heartbeat to stop before treating her – Miss X, a fourteen year old victim of rape, was forced to continue a pregnancy that threatened her life – Ms NP was used as an incubator for her child although she was brain dead, and there was virtually no chance of the baby surviving to the point of viability, her body literally rotting in a hospital bed.

And comparing their campaign to KEEP the constitutional amendment that has caused all this unnecessary suffering, to a civil rights campaign by people who don’t want to be brutalised and terrorised by their own police force…

Seriously, FUCK these people. Their ideas of compassion, of decency, are nothing more than moral masturbation. Forget the pain and fear and suffering of thousands of women and their families, what’s more important is that I feel good about something that will never affect me.