What are your top 5 Amy/Dan moments in the ser…

What are your top 5 Amy/Dan moments in the series, and why?

I’m a sap, as is about to become clear.

1. 6.10 the interview scene at BKD.  Amy’s so cute and glowy and happy, and the way Dan looks at her… I’m a sap.

2. 5.02… the doorway.  Whether it’s the blatant reference to Josh and Donna, or…you know, I think it’s actually Amy’s reaction that sells it.  The way she smiles while trying not to is irresistible.  It seems like it must have been unscripted, precisely because of that sense that she’s trying to hide her reaction just a little bit.  (And then of course Sophie and Dan ruin everything.  Sigh…)

3. 4.04…not the part where Dan leads her down the garden path, though I know a lot of people like that.  Nope, for me it’s the “Are you all right?” that comes after Sue’s phone call.  Dan.  Expressing genuine concern for another human being, and doing his best to make it better.  

4. 2.06 – Ed’s arrival, and Dan’s subsequent bitch fit.  I can’t help it, the pissy look on Dan’s face all the way through makes me laugh uncontrollably.  His possessiveness is not a good quality, and yet in this one episode I find it unbearably funny.

5. 2.02 Dan rescuing her from her awful family, and coining the nickname “Amy Whitehouse.”  (He does give her a lot of pet-names over the course of the show).

And in the didn’t make the cut, but almost… in 1.04 where they’re returning from meeting with the hideous racists, and Dan is kind of giving Amy a pep talk for having got through it.  The “I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight” line is incredibly revealing, in retrospect – he is far more drawn to Amy’s ruthless side than she is herself.