top 5 things you would ask to Reid Scott or/an…

top 5 things you would ask to Reid Scott or/and anna clumsky about their characters in veep!!!

Assuming Reid Scott would answer the question seriously, and not use it as an opportunity to make a joke about Dan being the lowest form of human scum?  I mean, he’s not wrong, but… at least Anna Chlumsky seems to answer the questions semi-seriously.

1. What do they think would have happened if the hook-up in Nevada hadn’t gone wrong?

2. Someone mentioned in an interview that they’ve talked over their backstory – I’d love to know what they think it is.  What subtext are they, as actors, riffing off?  

3. Do the textual hints about Amy having had an eating disorder at some point point to something specific?

4. Was the eyebrow wriggle in 5.02 scripted or improvised?

5. How is it possible that Amy hasn’t hauled off and slapped Dan one yet?