top 5 chapters on What might have been!!! have…

top 5 chapters on What might have been!!! have a nice day!

I feel like this is a question that might be better answered by readers, instead of me.  Which is your favourite chapter anon?  (I get the impression that different people have different favourites).

So, not in order, cause that would be too difficult:

Chapter One: First Comes Marriage
It was fun writing Dan and Amy before they were so emotionally entangled – Amy is a lot more detached from him in this one, which meant I could let her be as sarcastic at his expense as she felt like (right up until things go wrong, that is).  And, maybe it’s growing up in Ireland and seeing the appalling way women who acknowledge having had abortions are treated, but it was important to me to write about someone who has an abortion, and feels absolutely comfortable with that choice.

Chapter Four: 

All’s Well That Ends Well
In which they get married in Vegas.  I think this is probably the longest of the chapters, and that’s partially because there’s a longer emotional arc… I’d long been fascinated by what would have happened if Dan found out about Amy’s text message, and writing this gave me the opportunity to explore it properly.  Though there’s some dialogue between them (in New Hampshire) that feels slightly off to me, which is a shame.

Chapter Two: 

Drunk Enough to Say I Love You
This is probably one of the happier instalments – there are no real obstacles to the two of them getting together here, no messed up feelings of rejection.  The longer they put off acknowledging their feelings the more tangled things between them became, which was unfortunate.  Amy having that little bit more power in the relationship is always fun to play with.

Chapter Five: Life, Interrupted
Having said that, this was a really interesting scenario to play with, because it put Dan in a position were there simply wasn’t room for him to pretend any more – he had to act on his feelings – and Amy finally hit the point where she couldn’t hold everything in any more.  We’ve never really had that in the show (and who knows if it would resemble what happens here).  This is probably a happier version of events for Selina, as with Amy on board sooner, the Meyer Foundation almost certainly wouldn’t have been such a mess.

Chapter Seven: 

The Happiest, Wisest, Most Reasonable End

Writing this made me properly appreciate just how diabolical the timing of Amy’s pregnancy is in the show – it really is calculated to be just about the most stressful situation possible, because if they’d had even two or three months space between getting involved and her pregnancy, it seems like at least some of the essential issues would have been hashed out and dealt with.  But as is…  This was the chapter where I got to write them being straightforwardly cute… the scene in the bar where Dan asks to hook up again (without actually asking) was one I could actually see as I wrote it, which I always think makes the writing better.