With purple being Kilgrave's color, what …

With purple being Kilgrave's color, what do you think of JJ2 using purple in Jessica and Oscar's relationship (the painting in particular)?

It really jumped out on screen, didn’t it?  I think they avoided using purple on-screen for exactly that reason, so that when the audience saw it there would be an automatic jolt.  

Though naturally, with my brain, I watched the scene thinking “that’s very sexy, I’m sure, but you really don’t want to get paint into some of those orifices, even if it is water-based.” (I cannot turn that part of my brain off, even when it pulls me entirely out of the scene I’m watching, which is irritating).

I think the intent is to show Jessica reclaiming sex as an act of emotional intimacy, something Kilgrave had taken from her.  As in, she’s certainly had a lot of sex since Kilgrave, but it’s almost all been completely disconnected – as though sex is something her body does, and her mind and heart aren’t involved in any real way.  

Which, don’t get me wrong.  I wouldn’t for a moment judge anyone for having casual sex, so long as a good time is had by everyone involved, but in psychological terms it seems at least unhealthy to have a sexual relationship that it is completely disconnected.  (In other words, it’s normal for the sexual act to change how people relate to each other emotionally somewhat.  Which doesn’t at all mean incoming wedding-bells or serious commitment, at all, just that…think of the significance people assign to a firm handshake.  Very, very few people have the ability to disconnect sex from emotion entirely.)

There’s also yellow paint in the scene, which I think is a reference to Luke.  Which… I actually loved their relationship, and would like to see more of it – but the way things went down in the first season was profoundly messed up.  Not least because… Luke’s forgiveness or lack thereof weighed far too heavily on her – he had far too much power in the relationship, and I think he knew that, on at least some level.  Admittedly, Luke seems to imprint on every woman he has sex with like an overly protective duckling, but I think that knowledge is at least a factor in why he reached out to her at the end of the Defenders.  She needed his forgiveness before she could even start to forgive herself.

Admittedly, I ship Jessica x Happiness, but I didn’t think there was anything especially interesting in her relationship with Oscar, though it was nice to see her open up to someone who didn’t immediately make her problems about them, because Jessica is desperately short of such people in her life (even Malcolm was guilty of it at times – RIP Malcolm’s great hair).  But I admit, maybe I’m less romantic than I think I am, but… delivering the painting to her office seems kind of full on?

Jessica’s been wounded so many times that I think even letting someone be affectionate towards her is a challenge, almost to the point of being painful, so allowing herself to experience sex as an emotionally intimate act, as well as a physical reflex, is probably a big step forward in her recovery.  (I wish Jessica and Daisy Johnson could form a ‘brainwashed by sexual/romantic partners and perpetually used by friends who should know better’ club, because lord knows they have a lot in common).