There is a deleted scene from the episode on V…

There is a deleted scene from the episode on Vic Allen's dinner where Dan is trying to get "in" with Kent, and Kent brushes him off viciously by saying that he has mediocre talents at best (or something to that effect, the exact phrase escapes me). Dan's reaction to that is just utter devastation and something we have never really seen. I would love to see that happen to him with Amy telling him off in S6. You are right though about DanxAmy being endgame, but I want her to be happy more than him

I think Kent actually makes a point of Dan having largely got by on his looks, by dazzling interns and so on, which had to hurt.

I am all for Amy tearing Dan to shreds – verbally or otherwise – but it’s worth remembering, Dan’s emotional affect is pretty limited. As a general rule, he’s usually panicked, angry or some degree of smug. (There are a few – very few – occasions when he has seemed simply happy, but I think you could count them on one hand).

He’s not Amy, who perpetually wears her heart on her sleeve despite her best efforts. Dan has a veneer, a pretty smooth one, and it takes something serious for that veneer to crack and show what’s underneath. And what’s underneath is pretty damn shallow, which is partly why he’s able to maintain the veneer in the first place.

That’s not to say that Dan doesn’t care about Amy, and that he won’t have feelings about anything she might choose to say to him – he almost certainly will, he’s just unlikely to display them in an obvious fashion. In other words, Dan pining and being upset over Amy may not be recognisable as such – it may simply manifest as Dan being even more of a dick than he already is.

In a weird way, it might be good for Amy to know that she COULD hurt him – it would demonstrate that he does actually give a fraction of a fuck. Because at this point I can’t imagine Amy purposefully hurting Dan – she has no reason to believe it’s even possible.