dont you think its funny that amy and dan went…

dont you think its funny that amy and dan went to mike's wedding inadvertently and unashamed together? they literally were glued at the hip the entire time and its not like they were just in the same table or passibly together, they were actively walking places side by side stiking to the other until dan left, also why didn't they have plus ones? they didn't cared to take one or mike just assumed they would go with the other and didn't gave them one? what do you think?

I don’t think anyone from Selina’s office got a plus one to Mike’s wedding. Sue and Gary are there as well, and they’re both alone, which…for Sue at least seems unlikely. Admittedly, Sue seems to prefer to keep her work and personal lives entirely separate, so she might have CHOSEN not to bring a plus-one as part of that.

At the least, we know Amy was semi-seriously dating Ed at this time, so she could have brought SOMEONE. (I now wonder…did Ed actually ‘stealth-date’ Amy the way I posited in Behind the Scenes, and that’s where the one-year anniversary timeline discrepancy comes from – like, Amy didn’t even realise they were dating until four months in or something? Dan basically did the same thing in season 4 after all, so it clearly works.). Gary is actually IN the wedding as well, which is kind of sweet – I hadn’t realised he and Mike liked each other that much.

(Side note, I kind of loved Gary’s insufferable girlfriend in season 2, but I always wondered why Selina didn’t have DAN handle the break-up – dumping a woman so horribly she develops long-lasting self-doubt is one of his real skills!)

That said, they definitely ACT like each other’s dates, though more so on Dan’s side – he’s hovering over her in a very intimate way, for all Amy keeps the conversation focused on work. I also wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if Dan had muscled his way into the gift Amy gives Mike – he’s hanging over her shoulder and grinning when she presents it to Mike, and I can definitely imagine Dan being careless enough to consider giving Amy a cash contribution being the same as a genuine gift.

They’re together the whole time – sitting together during the ceremony, standing beside each other for the photo, getting drinks and so on – and I suspect Amy, at least, preferred it that way. She’s somewhat shy, after all, and while Dan is often insufferable, he’s socially adept enough to be quite useful in that scenario. As for Dan…well, apparently teasing Amy was more enjoyable for him than trying to flirt with anyone else.

(I love, love, love all the jokes about Amy’s phone – especially the Hannibal reference with the ‘phantom limb’ – but every time she pulls the phone out of her underwear I start wondering about logistics. Like, unless Amy has industrial strength elastic in her knickers, wouldn’t it be more secure in the top of her stocking or an actual garter (complete with pocket)? And if her underwear is strong enough and Bridget Jones big enough to hold a phone…how is she able to retrieve it so quickly? This is the point at which I mentally slap myself for focusing on totally unimportant details, by the way – especially as the joke probably only exists so Dan can be more visibly turned on by Amy than we had ever seen him be (up to that point). Which isn’t even getting into…given the dress she was wearing, Amy could just as easily have kept it in her bra – it would certainly have been more convenient).

From the way she’s dancing at the end, Amy seems to have been quite drunk (and she caught the bouquet), so you have to wonder what might have happened if Dan had stuck around/come back to the reception, when she was drunk and in a good mood at the thought of freedom from Jonah. Though, given how competitive they both were about the campaign manager role, it’s probably for the best that Dan missed that opportunity – it could very very easily have turned toxic.