wecouldstillbegreat: Bonus cap: I love seeing…


Bonus cap: I love seeing them in profile, especially in formal wear. And even with heels, she’s still a lot shorter than him.

Couple of comments. Blue really is Amy’s “I feel pretty” colour – she defaults to it for formal/semi-formal events, and no wonder, she looks smashing. She’s still quite covered up though, especially compared to the purple dress in 1.01.

Interestingly enough, the shape of this dress DOESN’T match Selina’s completely, though it shares the basic pencil-skirt, but the texture of the material does (it’s not silk, I don’t think, but something in the silk-family).

It’s an interesting contrast to Catherine. Amy’s dress covers her up, but is extremely form-fitting – Catherine’s dressed in loose, shapeless garments, but between the mini-skirt and the semi-translucent blouse she ends up showing a lot more skin.

This is also the episode where they imply a slight sense of competition, at least on Catherine’s side, with Amy being the “good” daughter, who never bothers Selina with her own needs and knows how to operate as the perfect political accessory – right down to how she dresses.

I do wonder if they’ll do anything with that angle in the final season – Catherine’s easily narcissistic enough to be upset that Dan could impregnate Amy but not her.

(Note, Dan and Amy are not connected via costume in this episode – but in the scenes where they discuss strategy with Selina, his black suit matches her black dress perfectly…which fits when they kind of gang up on Amy. I should say, Dan’s idea about the dog was a genuinely good one).