Pregnancy or not I want hem to give Amy an alt…

Pregnancy or not I want hem to give Amy an alternative love interest in s7 just to fuck with dan. I want to see him pine and actually put in effort rather than smooth talk his way through life. (I also want Amy to give him a tight slap but that’s highly unlikely considering the show)

The desire for Dan to suffer a bit (or a lot) is pretty much universal, I think.

However, my instinct is that we’re more likely to get the slap than the alternative love interest (with the eternal caveat that I am not a psychic).

To be clear, I think it would be absolutely possible (and in many ways karmically satisfying) to write a story where Amy meets Talk-Dark-Nice-to-Her and rides off into the sunset with him, baby in tow, leaving Dan to realise just how badly he’d screwed up and pine forever more.


There’s a basic time constraint Veep has to deal with that makes that option rather unlikely in my view. Season 6 illustrates this pretty well – there are three running plot lines, and we end up with roughly fifteen minutes per episode devoted to Selina and the remaining ten minutes split between Dan and Jonah.

With how things are set up in 6.10, I think we’re looking at a similar split in season 7, between Selina, Jonah and Mike. And that imposes pretty severe time restrictions on the plot.

Now, admittedly, Dan and Amy working together makes things easier for the writers – they don’t have to specifically cut away to scenes with them to progress the relationship, little bits can be dropped into scenes they share all through the episode, and those will tell us a lot.

But it does beg the question – how much time would they have to spend on Tall-Dark-Nice? Because in any love triangle the audience is, by default, going to be on Dan’s side – we’ve seen his relationship with Amy develop, the show has teased us with it pretty mercilessly over the years…the audience is going to want him to get the girl, if only so we can finally get some measure of narrative satisfaction.

That means Tall-Dark-Nice is going to have a hell of a hill to climb if the audience is ever going to consider him a legitimate contender in any love triangle. Now there’s ways to do that – have Dan be so terrible that the audience is practically begging for Amy to get away from him, cast an actor who has absolutely SCORCHING chemistry with Anna Chlumsky, make him perfect for Amy in all the ways Buddy wasn’t – but ALL of them require time.

And I’m just not sure the show will have enough time available to create a love interest for Amy who doesn’t feel like an obvious red herring. Because unless there really is a legitimate sense that Amy might pick Not-Dan – which will require a serious investment of time in creating the character by the writers – I think there’s a risk of pissing the audience off by appearing to waste time on a love triangle that seems to be a foregone conclusion.

And, I may be alone in this, but I think it’s far more compelling if the obstacle Dan has to surmount in season 7 is HIMSELF and the logical culmination of how he’s treated Amy over the years, than Brand-New-Perfect-Man.

It’s a far more serious statement if Amy prefers being a single mother – just like Sophie – to taking a risk on Dan. Dramatically, it speaks volumes about how Dan has behaved if going it alone is the better option in her eyes – because in Amy’s position, that means she’d be choosing a situation with some pretty serious downsides, over potentially being hurt by Dan yet again.

Don’t get me wrong – I totally understand how satisfying it would be to see Dan in the position Amy’s been in for so long, and having her rub his nose in it just a little… but overall, I think making Amy choose between Dan and no one and (at least initially) going for no one, is a stronger dramatic arc than making her choose between Dan and A.N.Other. In the time Veep has available, I don’t think they could create any real tension with the latter.

I’m totally up for her hitting him though, because good LORD he has earned it. And I feel we’re overdue for an Amy explosion at this point anyway – with everything she’s been through since leaving Selina in season 4 it feels like she must be carrying around a LOT of unresolved emotional messiness, and I can’t imagine dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is going to make any of that easier to handle.