wecouldstillbegreat: We can trap and truss hi…


We can trap and truss him, right, Ames?

Remember I commented about colour only re-entering Dan’s storyline in season 4 when Amy does?

All his scenes in the lobbying firm (KPM?) are drained and colourless, everyone dress in black or grey or white, and the environment full of black couches and steel finishings – there are reflections everywhere. (I seem to remember that the lighting or something in these scenes also makes Reid Scott look even paler than he already is – like he’s being drained somehow).

And then Amy comes to work with him, gets her groove back, and comes in wearing an electric blue skirt. As much as Dan may have been momentarily boggled by Amy taking his desk and parking space, I think this makes it clear that Amy joining him made him much, much happier – she brings him back to life, in a way, and bringing colour back into his environment illustrates that.