I always wonder how they shoot dan and amy sce…

I always wonder how they shoot dan and amy scenes without amy looking like a child because it’s not a minor height difference that they cover up so well- she almost looks as tall as him in some scenes and it always baffles me as to how they manage to do that

If IMDb is to be trusted (which…I’m not sure it is?) Reid Scott is 6’1 – meaning there’s a full foot of height difference to be managed. When you consider how much the X Files struggled to hide the difference between Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny in the early years, it’s clear that Veep puts some real effort in how they shoot their scenes.

I don’t know a huge amount about the kind of filming tricks that they might use, but there are a few that spring immediately to mind. Both Selina and Amy wear LUDICROUSLY high heels – women in politics don’t tend to walk around in four or five inch heels, because they’re on their feet all day long, and heels simply aren’t practical. In reality, they’d be crippled by midday at the latest. However, the extra inches of height are a really quick and easy way to equalise on-screen height differences, so don’t look for it to change any time soon.

I also wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised if they put Anna Chlumsky on a box for at least some of their scenes – it’s an old method, but there’s a reason it works. (I know Natalie Portman talked about having to walk up a ramp to get to Chris Hemsworth when they filmed kissing scenes in Thor – quite a LONG ramp, given how tall Chris Hemsworth is – if they ever need to get Amy that close to Dan’s face, they may well do something similar).

I also don’t think it’s a coincidence that we get a lot of scenes between them where they’re seated – or at least Dan is, though it’s hard not to notice that he’s nearly as tall sitting as Amy is standing.

There’s also a trick they do, where in ‘two shots’ of Dan and Amy, they are each given equal amounts of space on-screen – ie, Amy gets half the frame and Dan gets half the frame. Which means the audience tends to READ them as taking up equal room, even though Dan is easily twice her size (this is kind of subliminal, as I doubt many people consciously pick up on how images are framed – I certainly don’t). In fact, they do this so well that I think a lot of people have been startled by how big Reid Scott actually is when they see him beside Anna Chlumsky in behind the scenes or candid shots.

Of course, going by Buddy and Ed’s heights, Dan may easily be the shortest man Amy’s ever dated – something I suspect he wouldn’t like one bit if she ever mentioned it.