Ideally, how many kids would you like to imagi…

Ideally, how many kids would you like to imagine that Dan and Amy end up with?

As many as they’re both happy with, I guess.

More seriously, I can’t picture Amy wanting a big family, if only because I doubt she’d be willing to be pulled away from her career as much as would inevitably happen with multiple pregnancies, probably very close together.

The women in her family do seem very fertile, at least according to her mother, (but her sister’s three pregnancies, and Dan impregnating her on his first…attempt, despite his fertility issues, would also point to that) which may mean she has more reproductive years in her than she may think.

That said, I have doubts about Amy’s ability to take the pill – she seems exactly the kind of person who gets caught up in whatever she’s doing and forgets about it – so another ‘oopsie’ could easily be on the cards. Which really isn’t that unusual – something like half of all pregnancies are unplanned (which doesn’t necessarily mean unwanted, mind you).

I remember arguing that a pregnancy scare (at the least) was incoming for Dan and Amy because of the time the show spent showing us Dan’s reaction to a potential pregnancy in season 1. (And note, in season 6 when Amy told him he neither berated her nor considered how he could use it to steal her job – stealth character growth in action!). And I wrote the ending of You Were Always On My Mind based very much on the same principle – i.e. at the beginning and end of the story we see Amy react to an unplanned pregnancy, as way of measuring the growth of their relationship. The first time she waits several weeks, and goes into the discussion with Dan trying to limit her exposure as much as possible, because she’s assuming he will hurt her even more. The second time she marches to his office and starts yelling at him about how upset she is within minutes of finding out she’s pregnant.

While I am not a psychic, I wouldn’t be totally stunned if the show did something similar – it’s a fairly predictable plot structure after all, and they have already done something very similar with Dan.

Besides, at least if there are two kids at least they’d be company for each other – I don’t think either Dan or Amy will be helicopter parents, to put it mildly.