is it my eyes or amy's dress matches Dan&…

is it my eyes or amy's dress matches Dan's tie in the last creencap? i love how amy looks this ep, she looks soooo great! and her lip gloss makes her look even more like a doll!!!

Nope, it’s not just you. It’s a trick the costume designer uses pretty regularly to tie Dan and Amy together colour-wise – though, from memory, I think it shows up more in the later seasons when they’re closer. Menswear doesn’t offer many other opportunities for colour, and Amy doesn’t have the kind of build that would be flattered by more androgynous clothing, that mimicked the shape of Dan’s suits. She’s what used to be called a ‘pocket Venus’ (a beautiful phrase for someone short and hour-glass), which can be tricky to dress (I say this as a short, curvy woman myself).

The purple dress is kind of interesting though, because I don’t think we’ve seen Amy wear a neckline that low ever again in the show. Combined with the pink lipstick and the purple dress, she looks a lot more girlish – and more to the point, younger – than she does later on in the season, and it’s not a coincidence that it’s in the scene where we get the first hint of her past with Dan. Making her look as cute and feminine and doll-like as possible really underlines her vulnerability.

Which is presumably why Amy’s reaction to having to be in prolonged close quarters with Dan is to start wearing the most colourless, shapeless suits she can find. The pinks and blues and purples of the first episode disappear for quite some time.

In fact, I don’t think we see Amy wearing a real, saturated colour again until the red blouse she wears the morning after her date with Ed. (There’s the blue dress in 2.04, but I think that’s it).

It’s an interesting contrast with Selina in that I’d be willing to bet Selina ENJOYS fashion a lot more than Amy does – she takes pride in her beauty and likes to show it off – but Amy’s clothing choices are far more reflective of her mental state.

In other words, if in behind the scenes pics of season 7 we see Amy in red or pink, it’s probably a safe bet that SOMETHING is afoot romantically.