What type of parents do you think Amy and Dan …

What type of parents do you think Amy and Dan will make?

Well… babies are exhausting, selfish, and irrational, incapable of telling you what they want or why they want, but able to make it very, very clear that they want IT, right now, and nothing else will do.

In other words, Dan and Amy may both be better prepared for parenthood than is immediately obvious.  At least with babies, the list of things they want really is quite short – 95% of the time whatever’s bothering them will be cured by feeding, changing or cuddling (the other 5% is admittedly unpleasant)… aside from when teething happens, of course.  Either way, they’re still more predictable than someone like Selina.

They’ve spent so long having to be quasi-mindreaders (Dan especially), that a baby may well feel like a break.  Beyond that, they’re both extremely driven and very intelligent.  As such, I imagine any child of theirs would be expected to achieve.  I can’t see either of them having much tolerance for the kind of laziness Catherine regularly displays (which is clearly inherited from her father).  The child will be actively encouraged to do every extra-curricular activity possible – and not only because it means they’re occupied in the afternoons.

Beyond that…so much is dependent on whether they manage to get on the same page in reasonably good time, as I think they will both be much better parents together than apart (as always, especially Dan).  

Veep is a comedy not a tragedy, so there are no fatal flaws, as such, but I think after six seasons it’s possible to diagnose what their chiefest flaws are.  

Dan is obnoxious and selfish, but I think it’s his tendency towards short-termism that has actually caused him the most problems – he’s not intelligently selfish, he torpedoes himself constantly by prioritising short-term gains over his long-term goals (though who on earth knows what those actually are – Dan is ambitious, but he’s not ambitious for anything – I think any job that felt sufficiently high-powered would be enough for him).  

With regards to parenting a child, I think it’s easy to see how that could do damage, especially if he got it into his head to use them as a political prop (which he will).  A huge part of being a parent is simply being there, constantly, consistently, providing your child with a safe haven and passing opportunities for immediate gratification to do so.  Clearly this is something Dan will struggle with, though I imagine less so if he’s actually with Amy – he genuinely enjoys spending time with her, and having her would make the wrench of giving up DC cocktail parties (or whatever he does in his spare time) less difficult. 

But picture some of Selina’s worst moments with Catherine – pushing her into doing things she is sincerely uncomfortable with, getting frustrated with her when she can’t play act in the way Selina needs her too – and I think you have a fairly clear sense of how bad things with Dan could get.

My one caveat there is that I think Dan might be better able to handle a child who can’t ‘perform’ in the way that he wants – Selina clearly finds that quality in Catherine endlessly irritating, but Amy has similar tendencies, and they don’t seem to bother Dan at all.  If anything, I think he sees them as giving him another opportunity to show off (see how much he enjoyed the committee hearings).

With regards to Amy, her emotional reticence has probably done more to make her life difficult over the years than any other quality.  I’m not so sure of how that would play out with a child, because children do not necessarily need an intimate emotional bond with their parents.  They need to feel safe and cared for and loved, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into needing a clear understanding of their parent’s emotional state.  If a parent is a reliable presence in their child’s life, they really have achieved the most important thing – even if they never talk about their feelings in great depth.

But Amy’s tendency to bottle things up and suddenly explode (okay, we’ve only seen this once, but I would lay a strong bet that Dan is going to be on the receiving end of a similar outburst in season 7 – and boy oh boy will he have earned it) could be quite unsettling for a child.  However, the sad thing about children is… they think their experience is normal – whether their experience is abusive or comfortable or poverty-stricken – so at some point he or she would almost certainly get used to Amy’s tendency to sound-off and ignore it.  (Which Amy will find infuriating).

And, if Amy and Dan manage to achieve a stable relationship, it may have an impact on how stressed out Amy becomes – part of her problem in seasons 5 and 6 is not having a safe outlet for her emotional turmoil, and bottling all of that stress up clearly comes with costs.  Being able to express herself to Dan in a relationship (and having regular, satisfying sex – something Amy has never had thus far in the show as far as we know) may well do wonders for her stress levels.  It’s not a coincidence that the happiest and most at ease we’ve ever seen Amy be – in 6.10 with Dan, in 5.10 with Buddy, and, to a lesser extent, in 2.06 with Ed – was when she was ‘in love.’