Since you brought up mad men, I think Pete wou…

Since you brought up mad men, I think Pete would be more comparable to Dan than don. Because I really hope no one's like don lol

Dan and Pete do share certain weasel-like characteristics, that’s for sure – and they both have ongoing relationships with women are too good for them in just about every way. I loved Pete Campbell as a character, but I did spend a substantial chunk of Mad Men wanting to slap the shit out of him.

However, Dan has one quality that eluded Pete at every point in Mad Men, which is charm. I mean, in a death is not an option scenario, who would you rather go for drinks with? At least with Dan you know you’d enjoy yourself (and be filled with regret the next day, naturally). He’s not actually unpleasant to be around (well, if you’re a woman. Men he looks down on – Mike, Jonah, Gary – don’t find his company particularly enjoyable), whereas Pete was reliably a whiny bore at least 40% of the time. (But a GREAT character).

Dan also comes out ahead due to things that have really nothing to do with him personally, and more to do with how society has progressed in the intervening fifty years. Their relationships with women bear this out – Pete was less attracted to Peggy when she was visibly confident and happy, and had a pretty limited understanding of sexual consent, going by his treatment of that poor au pair. Whereas Dan has been given multiple lines detailing his utter contempt for sexual assault, and it’s clear (more from Reid Scott’s performance than the script, I should say) that he’s most attracted to Amy when she is at her most assertive.

It’s very hard to picture Dan with a woman who blindly adored him and hung on his every word – it’s certainly not something he’s ever shown the least interest in – whereas Pete seemed to want that (woman as adoring audience) more than he wanted someone to love.

The key difference being…Dan is very confident and secure in his own masculinity, and Pete never really was. He doesn’t NEED women to constantly reaffirm how wonderful he is (partly because he’s so arrogant it would never cross his mind to doubt it in the first place). I mean, could ever picture Pete becoming attached to a woman as abrasive as Amy, let alone one who spent every conversation reminding him of just how terrible he is? And yet, Dan clearly enjoys it when Amy scolded him (though, I think it’s safe to assume by now that it’s not his PREFERRED interaction with her).

Objectively though ALL the men in Veep (except Teddy and Andrew) are better than the ones in Mad Men when it comes to the women in their lives. Let’s all be grateful for fifty years of feminism.