Personally, I believe Baby Brookheimer-Egan SH…

Personally, I believe Baby Brookheimer-Egan SHOULD be a girl. But one thing that I would pay solid money for is to see Dan and Amy parenting a teenage girl (ESPECIALLY DAN 😂)

Oh wouldn’t it be a hoot?

Especially as I think the Brookheimer-Egans would be the rare family where the teenage daughter would fight more with her father than her mother.

Because, let’s face it, Dan and his daughter would almost certainly form a mutual adoration society, and when reality inevitably came crashing in, there’s no way she wouldn’t be disappointed.

Picture something like Sally and Don Draper, though probably less messed up. I don’t think Dan would be anywhere near as negligent a parent as Don, though I admit that’s a low bar. Dan doesn’t appear to have the complicated sexual issues that Don had (I mean, seriously, I’ve read about serial killers who had less traumatic backgrounds than Dick Whitman – it was a miracle he was even halfway stable) – he’s transactional about sex, which is gross (though we don’t actually know if that applies to his relationship with Amy – I’d tend to think it doesn’t), but aside from that he seems to enjoy sex in a fairly healthy manner – he’s not compulsive about it the way Don was.

The scene where Sally sees Don having sex with yet another woman who isn’t his wife is…disturbing in an almost primal way, but what was worse is the Don DIDN’T handle it. Leaving Sally to stew over what she’d seen, and her own lack of understanding of it, was the worst possible way to handle things.

Dan would almost certainly have a better sense of the fundamental boundaries that keep families together – and he allows Amy to guide his behaviour to at least some extent – so I think it’s safe to say he’d never end up in a position like that to begin with.

But I think it’s inevitable his kids will hate him, at least while they’re teenagers. And he’s going to be the most overprotective father ever when his daughter starts dating (picture the scene from Spider-Man with Michael Keaton giving Peter ‘the talk’ and you’ll have some idea what I have in mind).