According to the picture, Amy got her bachelor…

According to the picture, Amy got her bachelors from UPenn, an Ivy League school, not Penn State! (Don’t mean to be rude, people get them confused all the time)

It’s not rude in the slightest! That’s exactly the kind of detail I expect to miss, not being American myself – I’m far from being knowledgeable on American universities, beyond being able to name the dozen or so everyone in the western world can. I try to put caveats in when I feel I am making an assumption – but at a certain point that gets rather boring to read!

To illustrate, I was so entertained when I saw that Dan had gone to Hampden college, as I assumed it was a reference to The Secret History (and Dan trying to interact with THAT bunch of narcissists is entertaining to picture)… so I was almost disappointed to discover that Hampden-Sydney is a real college, without ANY Dionysius-inspired murders to its name.