A moment of appreciation for Dan’s waist…

A moment of appreciation for Dan’s waistcoat at Mike’s wedding and also like Dan in suits and in casual clothing and just in general because like wowza


I too am a fan of the waistcoat.

My female friends are in collective agreement that the best possible look for a man is in a shirt and tie with his sleeves rolled up (because…forearms are swoony), which makes me think the costume designer knew exactly what they were doing when they dressed Dan like that in the bar scene in 5.02.  The question is will he look as good in casual clothes when they’re covered in baby spit-up?

I should say though, I always imagine Reid Scott as being infinitely more devastating than Dan is, because not only does he look like Dan, by all accounts he’s also a nice person.  And funny too!  (Which really isn’t even close to fair).  

(Note: In reality, very handsome men scare me to death, because you know they’re used to getting exactly what they want, exactly when they want it – but I can still enjoy them fictionally).