Oh!i am defenitly filled with anticipation on …

Oh!i am defenitly filled with anticipation on your next what might have been too! I loved all of it!!! i might have been dreaming that it involve buddy being being less awful and amy going through the wedding, something you've mentioned she would do in that situation, and do you think dan would even be invited?at least unknowinly by buddy or her mom or evily by sophie or something? i mean political weddings can be a big deal, it would be great to see dan SUFFER how great Amy is and looks w/o him

I think I may have found that up to now mythical creature – someone who has even less sympathy for Dan than I do.  I admire you!

However, I think the most recent chapter of What Might Have Been illustrates the best case scenario for Amy and Buddy as the show presents them, and it’s not pretty (and it is not good for Amy’s confidence, that’s for sure).  Even if Buddy hadn’t humiliated Amy publicly, I don’t think she was ever going to make it to the altar with him – to at least some extent, I think she was always hedging her bets with him.

They were mismatched in just about every way possible – sexually, emotionally and professionally – and while couples can overcome some obstacles to be together if they really want to be, there needs to be at least some common ground.  I think with Amy and Buddy the gulf was too wide in that respect to ever be bridged.  

In other words, for things to escalate to the point where Amy was planning her wedding with the full intent of going through with it, I think Buddy would have to be a fundamentally different character in many, many ways, one who was capable of making her forget Dan entirely.  

Which is such a different storyline to the one the show gave us that it’s hard to be sure how it would play out.  On the one hand, I can’t think of any reason for Amy to want Dan at her wedding – he’s never had the kind of clout as a political player that she would have to have him there (and even less so when he was working at CBS), and well… best case scenario he acts like an arrogant prick and sleeps with one of the bridesmaids (you know Sophie would be up for it), and worst case, he causes a drunken scene.  (It’s also not at all clear to me that Amy’s wedding would be that big a political story – I’ve compared her to Huma Abedin and Hope Hicks in terms of likely press interest in her before, but I’m not sure that would hold true for something as ordinary as a wedding – it’s the whiff of scandal, combined with their beauty, that has made those women so endlessly fascinating to the press.  If Amy were to marry Buddy in season 7, that would be guaranteed to whip up a storm of press interest – but if she were to marry someone else, someone more normal (like her long-term associate and baby-daddy, for instance), I don’t think it would, unless he was a Senator or Governor of a major state, i.e. not Nevada).

Either way, having him there would bring up all kinds of memories and feelings that… even if Amy was head over heels for not-Buddy, and delighted to be marrying him, still wouldn’t be particularly pleasant for her.  

Admittedly, I can definitely imagine Amy outsourcing her wedding planning to her mother, who is easily oblivious enough to include Dan on the guest list as Amy’s ‘friend.’  Whether Dan would attend, in that scenario, I don’t know.

He doesn’t tend to react well to threats to his position as the central man in Amy’s life, but he’s also extremely complacent about about the possibility of being replaced – and understandably so.  Neither Ed or Buddy was ever a serious challenger for Amy’s affections – it’s always been fairly clear that if Dan had made himself available, she would have chosen him.  As a result, he’s been able to relax in his sense of entitlement without ever having to be pro-active.

In other words, I could easily see him assuming that Amy wouldn’t ever actually marry someone else, and getting a horrible shock on the day when she shows up in a white dress and goes through with it.  At which point, things would get very, very messy, because I don’t think Dan is the kind of man who’d let a little thing like Amy’s wedding vows get in the way of him having what he wanted, and from what we’ve seen, it’s hard to believe Amy would be able to resist, long-term, if he actually fought for her.  (Unless, I don’t know, not-Buddy was played by Idris Elba or Chris Hemsworth or something).

Hard as it may be to believe, the way things have played out in the show may be one of the healthier options, at least as far as Amy’s concerned.  I could easily see him being resentful enough to do his level best to ruin Amy’s marriage (with, and this is key, Amy’s cooperation), and leaving her to deal with the wreckage.  He’s not going to be able to do that with a child involved.