So since you’ve written a lot of Dan x A…

So since you’ve written a lot of Dan x Amy doc over the past year, has the process of writing them changed how you interpret them?

Not particularly.  I may have gotten better at expressing how I view them, but I don’t think the actual interpretation has shifted much.

Though, that said, I’ve always had this dread of softening them up too much (Dan in particular), and in retrospect, I think it’s fair to say that Dan in Mutually Exclusive is FAR too nice.  (The chief reason being that the character development that gets him to the point of wanting to be with Amy is off-screen in that story, whereas in all the others we’re with him as he goes through it).

As weird as it seems, given they were barely on screen together, season 6 was really helpful in that it (eventually) confirmed that they are exactly as emotionally attached to each other as I’d always thought – it was hard to be entirely sure at the end of season 5, given how carefully they kept us locked out of Dan’s perspective on the whole thing.