I had a question, a lot of your fics show or a…

I had a question, a lot of your fics show or assume that Amy had an eating disorder at some point in her life. This is common in fics by other authors also, however, I never got a hint of this when I watched the show. Have I missed something?

Dear anon.  See here for where I lay out the specifics of why I think the show has at least implied Amy had some kind of eating disorder.  (I believe there was a deleted scene from…2.04, I want to say, that was more explicit on that point, but I haven’t seen.  Perhaps someone here can fill in the blanks on that).

That said, these things often exist on a spectrum… Amy may well have had an unhealthy relationship with food and some rather dangerous eating habits at one time, without it raising to the level where she would have received medical attention.  These things are easy for parents to miss, after all, and her mother in particular seems largely oblivious.  (Her father seems more protective of her, but that doesn’t mean he would pick up on something like that).

The casual way Amy talks about forcing herself to throw up as a teenager the two times she mentions it does make me wonder if she was ever really forced to grapple with it – it’s as if she’s not entirely aware how that would be perceived by an outsider.  

The other thing I think we can now take as canon is Amy having a sweet tooth – she tries to steal Gary’s dessert in 2.04, right before Sue tells her off for eating too much, and Selina comments on her constantly wanting ice cream in 6.10 (I think that’s intended as a hint at the pregnancy, but it’s telling nonetheless).  Note how it’s mostly other women who police her eating habits.

(The show could use the way Anna Chlumsky’s weight has changed over the course of the show to illustrate this if they wanted to (though, on balance, I’d prefer if they didn’t) – she’s noticeably thinner in season 4 than in the seasons either side of it (because of the actress’ pregnancies), which could easily be a sign of how stressed Amy was during that time.  Despite what people may think sudden, sharp weight loss is not generally a good sign about someone’s health (except after pregnancy, of course), and Amy may well have been under more pressure than she even realised).