I had an idea for an AU where instead of dan h…

I had an idea for an AU where instead of dan having a panic attack in London it’s Amy and consequently dan gets an Amy look alike to help out much to Amy’s amusement

That sounds cute, but I think slightly out of character. From what we see in the show, Dan seems to have an “accept no substitutes” attitude towards Amy.

She leaves him high and dry for a year between seasons 5 and 6, and there’s not the slightest indication that Dan found anyone to replace her. He had a lot of sex, for sure, but there isn’t any new meaningful relationship in his life, at least not that we see.

Which, he must have been lonely, right? He only started at CBS This Morning shortly before season 6 began, so…who did he talk to that whole time? Not Amy, from what the show tells us, not his family, maybe Jonah…even Selina wasn’t that bereft of companionship. (I mention this because Dan REALLY doesn’t seem like the kind of person who thrives on solitude – if anything, I think it would depress him).

And even on CBS This Morning, I think it’s notable that he DOESN’T try to turn either Jane or Brie into his Girl Friday. Jane he disliked too much for that (and it’s clear illustration that, whatever he might have said, Dan ALWAYS liked Amy, because he clearly enjoyed being scolded by her from day one. There’s no hint of that with Jane), and Brie…well, for all that they had a sexual relationship, there really isn’t much sign of genuine attraction between them, and we don’t get any sense that Dan is using Brie for anything other than sex.

I’d say it’s a sign of emotional maturity, except I doubt Dan has ever allowed himself to realise what Amy’s irreplaceability in his life means. But if he can’t have her, he’d clearly rather not bother, and that is actually a fairly consistent character trait, taking his behaviour in season 2 into account. (Of course he’ll also be pissy and passive-aggressive about it, because he is a child).

Admittedly, if Dan did get another ‘work wife’ I think it is the one thing that might drive Amy into a display of overt jealousy. She may not feel entitled to Dan’s sexual attention or even his friendship, but she definitely has those feelings about their professional relationship. I’m just not sure I’d want to see it – she’s had to endure every form of rejection from Dan EXCEPT professional, piling that on too just seems sadistic.