Have you seen the pictures of Anna Chlumsky fo…

Have you seen the pictures of Anna Chlumsky for halt and catch fire? It feels like in another world Amy’s the indie girl Dan could never land. God so many head cannons !!!!!!

This is why costuming is so important in film – I swear you look at the picture below and you know so much about the character, before a word has been spoken.

I swear I mean this as a compliment – she looks like Jeanne Garofalo in Reality Bites.  

But yeah, this woman would have absolutely zero interest in Dan.  He’s a preening, self-obsessed bore… why waste her time on him?  What would they even have to talk about?

Note, that’s not to say a one-time thing would be off the table completely (Dan can turn on the charm when he wants to, after all), but I can’t picture her having any interest in him long-term whatsoever.

And on his side… half of what draws Dan to Amy is her softer, more vulnerable side (and especially his ability to bring it out).  I don’t know that he would have the same pull to a woman who didn’t seem to want or need his affection.  Which is maybe not the healthiest aspect of their dynamic, but since he’s most attracted to her when she’s at her most demanding and self-confident, I think it balances out.