Amy in the media

I’m a news junkie, and I’ve been watching the Rob Porter/Hope Hicks story clusterfuck unfold with some interest.

It does strike me though…one, if anything, Veep has probably underplayed the amount of press interest Amy would generate – beautiful women in politics get a completely outsized response from the media (Huma Abedin And Hope Hicks being recent examples).

Two, Dan and Amy having to deal with an unplanned pregnancy seems downright WHOLESOME in comparison to the current shenanigans. This almost certainly won’t happen, of course, but if they could get on the same page and present a united front, they have the kind of “love story” people would be fascinated by.

It’s known they had a relationship in the past (thanks to Dan’s little snit), it’s known Amy’s previous fiancé was pretty terrible, and they’re both very good looking. Turning the relationship into a political asset would be EASY (though I don’t know if Selina would appreciate the press being distracted in that way).

Their rather…fractious relationship will probably prevent that of course, and I have my doubts as to how likely Amy is to cooperate in any attempt to use her as a political prop…but it’s so innocent compared to the current scandals that it’s kind of fascinating to think about.