cloudyfacewithjam: + bonus: Jonah & jokes …


+ bonus: Jonah & jokes


Dan was so bitter and jealous of Ed that he actually treated Jonah like a genuine friend.  That is sinking low, no two ways about it.  

We never really get a sense of what Amy thinks of Dan’s hissy-fit over her daring to go on a date with someone who isn’t him, which I think is… the narrative reflecting the extent to which she herself was in denial about what was going on between them (at this point in time).  In the very next episode she actually makes a point of telling Selina that Dan “never shows his emotions” which is hilarious to me, given what a hot mess he was in this episode.

Also, not to be mean, but I hope Jonah’s unbelievably limp-wristed high-five is an acting choice, and not natural to Timothy Simons (seriously, look at him… has Jonah never been high-fived before?)