For the Fancict Ask Meme: E (for Lightweight) …

For the Fancict Ask Meme: E (for Lightweight) and M. 😀

  • E: If you wrote a sequel to Lightweight what would it be about?

It’s not something I’ve ever thought of doing, I must admit, but there is an obvious sequel hook – Amy’s campaign for Congress.  Admittedly, she’d be running in Maryland (given how long Amy’s worked for Selina, I tend to think she started off as a constituent – Selina’s office took in local students as interns or something, and that’s how they met), which I believe is a pretty firmly Democratic state, so the race wouldn’t be too challenging.  But Dan trying to coach Amy in how to be charming to regular people could be a lot of fun. 

  • M: Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?

Not at the moment, I’m afraid.  I would love for someone to do a ‘Much Ado’ plot for them (because Dan and Amy are so Beatrice and Benedick)… and I feel like a Mr and Mrs Smith AU could be a lot of fun, if anyone ever wrote it.  (There’s a half-written version on AO3, which pains me).  

As for stuff I want to write… I’m about to dive back into writing a fourth draft of a play (god help me), which means any lengthy fic is beyond me at the moment.  The odd chapter of Behind the Scenes, or maybe What Might Have Been (though those tend to get pretty long) is another matter.

Someone did suggest an AU where they had never met before Dan came to work for Selina… which I think would be fascinating… but it’s way too big an undertaking for right now.  Going that far back, it’s almost impossible to work out how many things would change.˚

I also have this mad desire to write a crossover with the MCU – just the idea of having Captain America and Selina Meyer, the first female President, in the same room at the same time… it feels like the comedy would write itself.  (And you know Thor would flirt with Amy, because she’s even tinier than Jane and he finds that adorable, and Dan wouldn’t know how to handle it).