I might be behind the times, but I just read t…

I might be behind the times, but I just read that Veep season 7 will be coming out in 2019, rather than 2018. Due to JLD battling with cancer. Thoughts? I mean I love that they are waiting for her to recover, but how do you think it might affect the storyline?

I imagine the effect on the storyline will be minimal. From what Mandel said in interviews, it sounds like they had already determined the shape of the season before JLD received her diagnosis, and I can’t think of any reason for them to change it.

The long gap is, I imagine, for two reasons. Firstly, to allow JLD to recover. Chemotherapy is BRUTAL, and it can take quite some time for people to recover from it. In addition, shooting days for filming can be extremely long, and while Veep isn’t the most physically demanding of shows (no one’s doing stunt work, for instance), the long hours and limited breaks can take a real toll even on people in good physical health.

It also seems likely to me that they’ve delayed it for as long as they have to allow for the possibility that JLD may need a second round of treatment. I don’t KNOW that that’s the case – and obviously I hope it isn’t – but it seems a possibility to me.

Where I would expect it to have an impact is on how filming days are organised – arranging the running order so that JLD gets longer periods of downtime and proper breaks and so on – which is the kind of thing that wouldn’t necessarily be visible to fans of the show.

That said, I don’t know a huge amount about how Veep is filmed – I get the impression they largely shoot in broadcast order, but that may be incorrect. I think it tends to be studio based, as well, but someone more knowledgeable may be able to correct me on this.

It may also depend on how the storylines are playing out. It seems obvious to me that Amy’s storyline in the first three episodes was arranged in such a way as to facilitate Anna’s maternity leave (and quite right too) – most of her scenes are with Buddy, and they tend to be quite short. They could probably have been filmed in only a few days, as long they didn’t take too long with costume changes. Dan’s storyline could also have been filmed largely in isolation, since he only rarely intersects with the other characters. (He interacts with Amy and Jonah twice, and Ben, Kent, Selina and Catherine once).

But Selina is the main character, so the tricks they might use to lighten the filming load for say Anna Chlumsky or Matt Walsh (if they ever needed it), wouldn’t really work. Veep without Selina is Hamlet without the Prince, so it just makes sense to wait until she’s recovered.

In other words – and I feel I can never say this with too much vehemence – FUCK cancer.