What parts of being a mom do you think Amy wil…

What parts of being a mom do you think Amy will like best?

Oh, this one is easy.

Physical affection.

Amy’s a very passionate person – her emotions are intense and she has to put a lot of effort into repressing them. And for a long time, she’s had no one in her life towards whom she can safely express affection.

I’d argue that Amy struggles to express herself physically, unless she’s very confident in her relationship with the other person – she seems completely comfortable hugging Selina or be touched by her (and Selina gets grabby when she’s stressed), but…hilariously, it clearly took her a long time to relax in that way with Dan.

Watch the celebration scenes in season 2 – there are a few of them – Amy will hug Selina, or Mike, or whoever, and then…fist-bump or high-five with Dan. Dan touches her and is in her space constantly (because he can’t help himself), but we’ve never really seen her reciprocate that. The closest she came was in 5.02 – she’s invading his space in a very obvious way – but Dan torpedoed her confidence in his interest in her the very next episode, and she goes right back to being on her guard with him.

We see something similar with Buddy, though it’s obviously truncated – in 5.10 she’s giddy at the thought of sharing space with him, and in 6.01 she shrugs off his touch. I think it’s safe to say that Amy was feeling every bit as rejected by Buddy as he was by her.

Which is why I’ve never bought for one second that Amy is asexual or dislikes being touched – from what we see in the show that really isn’t the case. She enjoys physical affection, when she knows where she stands with the person involved (and that’s why she looks nervous when Selina hugs her in 4.10). (Richard, on the other hand, is almost certainly completely asexual, going by what we see).

And given the way Selina’s been treating her, it’s safe to say that Amy hasn’t had anyone (other than maybe her parents) who she could hug or kiss without the fear that they’ll reject her. Which is a rough place to be in – humans are social animals after all, being bereft of physical contact in that way is not good for us.

So, having a person in her life who won’t reject affection, who will WANT to be cuddled and snuggled and kissed…I actually think it would be tremendously freeing for her. A baby is not going to mock her for being affectionate, a baby is just going to demand more hugs.

Of course, depending on how much of an ass Dan is about it, she may not feel comfortable being affectionate in front of him – it’s HIS baby she’s being loving towards – in which case, it’s a safe bet he’ll catch her cuddling the baby when she thinks she’s alone. (It also seems likely to me that Dan will struggle to understand why she can be demonstrative with the kid, and not with him, self-awareness never having been his outstanding trait).

That said, there are a lot of things Amy will not like about being a mother. I can’t imagine she’d have much patience for rituals like baby showers or first birthday parties. The constant… scheduling – keeping track of medical appointments and school runs and so on and so forth – that so often falls to the mother’s responsibility seems like something that will exhaust her if she doesn’t have help. Dan actually seems better at managing the non-work aspects of his life than she is – we know he goes to the gym and pursues a pretty hectic social life, whereas all we know about Amy is that she reads.

I would imagine the early weeks with the baby will be exhausting, as she struggles to come to grips with constant feeding and nappy changes and so on – but I think the toddler years will be a greater challenge. Amy’s not going to enjoy reading “Goodnight Moon” any time soon (Dan will be great at it). Once the kid is old enough to express complicated thoughts, I think she’ll enjoy him or her much more.