I really hope I’m still alive when Veep comes back.

That is such a stupid thought, but I can’t stop thinking it.

There is some back story mind you – I’m not just being crazy.

Years ago, a good friend died very, very suddenly. As in, we were having a conversation in the morning about my directing a reading of her play, and by the early evening she was dead.

Needless to say, it was incredibly upsetting and jarring to go through.

I’ve thought about her almost every day since then, in a relation to, oh, just about everything. But one strange aspect of the whole thing that still makes me sad is…she never found out how Harry Potter ended. And she was a BIG Harry Potter fan – to the point where I am reasonably sure she’d created fan art for it – but she died…I think about six weeks before the final book came out.

I’ve learned to accept and live with the grief – but it still upsets me that she never got to read that book.

And perhaps as a direct result, whenever there’s an upcoming film or tv show or book that I’m really looking forward to – like the Book of Dust or Wonder Woman or the Death of Stalin or Angels in America – there’s a part of me that never stops thinking… I hope I’m still alive by then. (And this despite the fact that I have no health issues of any kind – I have no REASON to worry)