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Best Laid Plans – by fionnabhair / @thebookofmaev

“She’s knocked up with Dan Egan’s baby. What the fuck is she going to do now?“

The next pretty.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I don’t particularly like writing sex scenes, but, for whatever reason, the two in Best Laid Plans were the easiest I’ve ever written.

In the first instance because I kind of loved the idea of writing a scene for them that was entirely without dialogue – they’re both so hyper verbal that taking away that particular crutch seemed like it would do something interesting. The second one was interesting to write because…well, I liked thinking through just how calculated Dan would be about sex, and how much thought he would put into each action to make sure that Amy would relax and actually enjoy herself.

I completed this JUST before season six started to air, which is hilarious in hindsight.