m-queen-of-space: Lightweight – by  fionnabh…


Lightweight – by 

fionnabhair / @thebookofmaev

Alcohol – the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems.

(Or, a relationship evolves while under the influence).

(Or, how Dan learned to stop worrying and love… no one, do you hear?) 

This fic was the first time I really tried to write from Dan’s point of view, and it was an interesting (and fun) challenge.

While I would like to be very, VERY clear that there is not even the least resemblance in terms of personality…apparently there’s a part of me that really enjoys writing someone who’s male and an asshole of, oh, colossal proportions.

In the strangely accurate predictions column, Mutually Exclusive had Dan and Amy working together as political consultants, Best Laid Plans had an unplanned pregnancy…and Lightweight has alcohol-fuelled encounters be a key driver of their getting together. (Maybe I AM a psychic).