Does princess Charlotte not look like dan and …

Does princess Charlotte not look like dan and Amy’s child??? Look at the latest pictures they released!!!

Every time I see pictures of Charlotte it leaps out at me how much she looks like the Queen – there’s a physical resemblance that I find quite startling, given the nearly eighty year age gap.

That said, given the colouring of Charlotte’s parents, she does kind of resemble what I would expect a Dan/Amy child to look like. Dark genes are usually dominant, so unless Dan has a very blonde or blue-eyed parent (and therefore is carrying the recessive gene himself), I’d expect any child to favour him in terms of colouring. (Especially as Dan has much darker hair and eyes than Kate Middleton does).

For background, my own family is a neat example, as my parents line up with Dan and Amy’s colouring pretty exactly – my mother has the classic black Irish colouring, and my father comes from a family of blondes, and yet three of their four children are dark haired. (I’m genuinely considered ‘sallow’ skinned by Irish standards, which is absolutely hilarious to me, as I’m one of the whitest people imaginable).