After reading a earlier post from you Ive deci…

After reading a earlier post from you Ive decided I think it's likely that Amy being a "single mom" and having a baby with someone she works with but isn't together with is going to leak/be a plot point next season. I don't want this to happen, but how do you see anything like this playing out.

This is what happens when I get behind on asks!  Hopefully You Were Always On My Mind makes it somewhat clear how I imagine all of that playing out.  

On the show itself, I suspect it really is dependent on how they want Selina’s campaign as a whole to play out.  As in, if they want the campaign to start out badly, it will become a problem, if they want it to be going great it won’t be an issue.

The date of conception is early November, which puts Amy’s due date in late-July/early August.  Which is probably before Selina would formally announce her campaign – I’m going off memories of Clinton’s campaign here, but I think she didn’t announce until September 2015 (roundabouts).  

All of which is relevant, because I think it tells us that we can expect the birth of baby Brookheimer-Egan midway through season 7, at the latest.  I say that, because I would imagine that Veep will want to bring us at least as far into the primaries as they need to get for the result of the nomination to be clear, and there’s no way to do that if they wait until the end of the season for the baby to be born.  

I hope they don’t try to encompass the primaries and general election in a single season.  As a rule, I think Veep works better when it’s on a more compressed timetable – season 2 covers from the midterm elections 2014 up to some undefined time the next spring, season 3 goes from summer 2015 through to the New Hampshire primary in Jan/Feb 2016, season 4 picks up shortly afterwards and goes through to the election in November 2016, and season 5 covers from the election to the inauguration day in January 2017.  Season 6 covers a whole year from January 2018 through to January 2019, and I think they struggled a bit as a result (I still say it makes no sense for Leon to wait four months to break the stories from Mike’s diary, which is what the show claims happened). 

So, I want season 7 to shorten the time period it’s covering somehow, not try to fit a whole 18 months of politicking in 10 episodes. 

Partly because the only I think it would be even vaguely possible is if they put a big time-jump at the start of the season, in which case we’ll miss all the opportunities for character development of both Dan and Amy that the pregnancy will create.  (Which gives us two undesirable outcomes – either they come back having worked everything out, which is seriously cheating the audience, or they come back completely the same after Amy’s gone through a pregnancy and the baby’s been born, which even for someone as shallow as Dan seems incredibly unlikely).  

And, even so, I can’t help but think that even if they jumped straight to January 2020 (from January 2019 in 6.10), they’d still have to jump around in time a lot to make it to the end of the election.  

The structure I would expect to see is a small time jump at the beginning of the season, followed by a straight run through to whatever point in the primaries at which it becomes clear who the nominee is, and then a time jump to either election or inauguration day.

However, that two of the first episodes are called Iowa and New Hampshire, does make me wonder if we are going to get that big initial time jump, with the baby already born and Dan and Amy in some state of limbo with each other.  (In which case, expect to see lots of ‘fill-in-the-blanks’ fic).

What I would just flag is that how their relationship plays out is almost certainly going to be tied up in how the overall storyline works out.  To give you an idea what I’m talking about here – Dan’s absence in the back end of season 5, while he’s working on the New Hampshire campaign, turns out to be rather crucial in the development of their relationship.  It means he’s not around to 1) cockblock Buddy, the way he almost certainly would have, 2) or to realise just how much damage he’d actually done to his relationship with Amy and kick up a stink about being ignored.  The timeline between his coming back from New Hampshire – sometime after Christmas – and Amy going to visit Buddy for a week (likely leaving around the 11th/12th of January, given that she’s back for the Inauguration) is extremely tight, and he may simply not have realised he was being ghosted until Amy got on the plane to Nevada – and at that point, it was  too late for him to do anything to repair the damage.  

Now, did the writers put Dan on the New Hampshire campaign to facilitate the development of his relationship with Amy, or did that development follow what the show needed Dan to be doing to drive the political plot?  I don’t think it’s actually possible to know one way or the other – it’s just a neat illustration of how the two are entwined.