This gives me a chance to share my headcanon f…

This gives me a chance to share my headcanon for “that night.”

Back when I did the style post, I couldn’t quite work out why the black dress showed up twice – before Amy’s ‘not-a-date’ with Dan and the morning after they slept together.

But I think I’ve worked it out now.

For all that we may never know precisely what happened, there are two pieces of evidence that tell us a lot.

1. When Amy introduces the subject with Dan in 6.10 she starts with “Do you remember…” (which will always be hilarious to me – if Dan was so drunk he forgot about the sex entirely, he probably would have been too drunk to HAVE sex in the first place – in other words, forgetting it seems pretty damn unlikely). But what that little circumlocution tells us is that they hadn’t talked about it. At all. Meaning that Amy most likely left for her meeting before Dan was even awake – if he’d been awake they wouldn’t have been able to avoid at least some discussion of “where do we go from here” even if it made both of them uncomfortable.

2. And the dress fills us in on where they were. Amy changes before her ‘not-a-date’ with Dan, and it seems a reasonable assumption to me that she left the dress in her desk drawer or something. Because the next time we see her wearing it is the morning after – meaning she came into work and put on her emergency dress. This tells us that they went to Dan’s place – because why would Amy have to re-use a dress if she was in her own apartment and had access to her full wardrobe?

3. On a side note…Amy seems remarkably UN-hungover the morning after, if her demeanour is anything to go by. Did Dan force her to eat at some point or something?

4. Given what a DICK Dan can be, I can’t blame Amy in the least for running like hell the moment she woke up – I cannot imagine a more vulnerable moment for her, and past experience would indicate that he was likely to treat her horribly. I would be intrigued to know who broke THAT silence, because I’m sure they’d had some contact between that night and Amy coming to BKD. Though, if I’m right and Dan went to the drinks with Ben the next evening hoping to run into Amy again (and exploded in frustration in the cab partly because she didn’t show up), it seems a safe assumption that HE was the one to get back in touch.