Join the cause and help raise $570 in honor of…

Join the cause and help raise $570 in honor of JLD’s upcoming 57th birthday to help other women battling breast cancer.:



As we all know, back in September, JLD announced that
she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Being the selfless,
compassionate person that she is, she used that moment to remind us all
just how important universal healthcare is for ALL. While she’s lucky
enough to have coverage through her employer, many other women who are
going through this battle aren’t as lucky.

where you guys come in. We thought it would be a nice gesture on behalf
of the fans to raise some funds for BC research in honor of JLD’s
upcoming 57th birthday! It’s a nice way for us all to reach out and do
something to help a fantastic cause while showing our love and support.

know that her birthday isn’t until January, but with a Christmas coming
up, we figured it best to get this campaign started before then in
order to allow everyone who wishes to donate to be able to!


Feel free to contact us here or on twitter via @bestofjld and of course to reblog this post so some others can donate as well! 


please, PLEASE hold off on tweeting this at her or at anyone from VEEP!
We want this to be a surprise when January actually rolls along!

Fundraiser update:

We have a little less than a month to go and we’re just a little under $250 away from our goal! Any amount helps!