This scene was probably the first time in the …

This scene was probably the first time in the show that I actually LIKED Dan the character, instead of considering him just a pretty sociopath.

Which is as good excuse as any to post my little essay on why Danny Chung is the character in Veep who makes my blood boil the most. (Yes, even more than Andrew)

And to explain that, I want to talk about the Wire. Because the Wire was full of murderers and drug dealers and all kinds of terrible people, but the character I hated the most was Clay Davis.

Clay fucking Davis, who probably never laid hands on another human being in his life, but who profited ruthlessly from the drug trade. Who allowed himself to be bought and sold by any and all bidders, taking money from the very people who were rotting the community he represented from the inside out.

Clay Davis who when he was finally (finally) put on trial for his rampant corruption and abuse of public trust, sat in the dock and DARED to compare himself Martin Luther King and John Lewis and all the other heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. Men who put everything on the line to HELP their people, and he used as political cover for his own crimes.

Imagine me as an exploding tea-kettle watching that scene, because I can’t think of another television character who has made me that angry. I was muttering variations of “How DARE you?” the whole way through the scene.

And, Danny Chung hits the exact same spot for me. I am perfectly aware that he is no worse than any other politician in Veep, and quite possibly better than some, but…still. Every time he stands on veterans or immigrants or ethnic minorities to advance his political career, I can feel my rage beginning to build.

And the funny thing is, if the show was reversed, with Danny Chung as the protagonist and Selina as the occasional opponent, I have no doubt that I’d feel exactly the same way about her and her opportunistic use of feminism.

But as is…there’s a reason Dan’s little grin at discovery Chung’s weak spot in 6.10 filled me with glee. If the team manage to take him down at long last, I will CHEER.

(My most hated fictional character of all time is Angel FUCKING Clare in Tess of the D’urbervilles, but that’s another story).