i think my asks always get lost but i wanted t…

i think my asks always get lost but i wanted to say to you that you are such a remarkable writer and that i am grteful for the beautiful stories you invest your time into, they are honestly the best fics i've read and i love you and i love how you write amy and dan and i love all your fics and analysis and the ask you answer about them all of those things make me happy and i think they made me grow in how i experience fiction, thank you<3

Dear anon – thank you so much for the kind words – and I’m truly glad you enjoy my posts and fic.

Never be under any illusions – writers are the neediest creatures on earth. Writers are so needy they make actors look reasonable. Half the reason I’m a nervous wreck following a performance is I’m having to strangle the urge to quiz every audience member about whether they liked the show, and if so, what did they like specifically, and can they explain in fifty words or more (ideally a lot more).

It’s a terrible way to behave, and I have to work very hard to restrain myself.

As a result, as a general rule, I don’t tend to respond to asks that are just people saying lovely things to me – not because I don’t like them, because obviously I very much do (see above), but because it seems…kind of vain.

I don’t know – it could be the Irish guilt speaking (I’m not Catholic, but the guilt is very hard to avoid), but my instinctive reaction to praise is to minimise it or make a joke out of it somehow. I try NOT to do that, because it’s really quite rude to the person who gave the compliment in the first place, implying that you distrust their judgement…but it’s still very hard for me to post a response to a paragraph of lovely things being said to me unless there’s a specific question. (In which case I can ignore the praise and just answer the question itself).