You know, I’m very glad I decided at the time that Dan’s line about “schoolgirls can’t keep secrets” was said purely to generate a reaction from Amy, and was not in any way sincere, because…in light of all the Roy Moore stories, that line becomes considerably less funny.

If they could make him slightly less sexually gross next year, that’d be nice.

To follow up, wasn’t the scene of Jane’s firing filmed to look like something involving Matt Lauer? And when Stevie starts the conversation about sexual harassment Dan mentions something about the wardrobe girl lying (which I still consider hugely out of character).

Can they please STOP implying he’s sexually abusive (subtextually or otherwise) while expecting us to root for him to end up with Amy? It’s gross.

I think the tearful goodbyes from the show on Veep were  supposed to be reminiscent of Ann Curry leaving.  There have been rumors for years that she was treated horribly behind the scene which makes the reference really unfunny.

Yeah, they really should change their approach for Dan.

I knew there was something. Though I still find it weird that they’d imply he’d sexually harass women who weren’t interested in him – I would have said that Dan is one of the few characters in Veep who definitely WOULDN’T do that.

I also wouldn’t object to it so much if they weren’t positioning him as the romantic lead of the show. Whether or not Dan and Amy end up together, the show actively encourages the audience to want that outcome, and muddying the waters in that way adds a complication to the relationship that I really don’t think they’re able to manage.

I have my doubts that the show will take on sexual harassment in any meaningful way, but they REALLY shouldn’t do it with him.