Wild Speculation


Since this worked surprisingly (alarmingly?) well the last time, I thought I’d try it again.

I’ve been talking about timeline stuff with @crazymaryt and I’m wondering maybe if there’s going to be another jump of a year or so before season 7 of Veep. If there is, then we won’t have to see another pregnancy storyline.

Imagine instead, Kent and Ben at BKD taking a high-powered meeting. In the background, behind the visitor, a frazzled Dan can be seen running around as he tries to soothes his and Amy’s baby. Eventually Ben realises that this isn’t working, so he makes an excuse and goes out to help. Dan rushes back in, smoothing down his hair and tie, and puts on his best spiel. Buuut Ben doesn’t have any more success than Dan. They can see him give it up as a bad job and start drinking from a bottle of whiskey. At that point, Kent makes an excuse to go out and rescue the baby from Ben. He’d probably still be trying to change the diaper when Amy arrived.

I think A time jump is quite likely – I can’t imagine they would end the show without letting us know who the new President is, and covering the full primary and election process in ten episodes seems impossible – but I’d be really surprised if they skipped the pregnancy completely. There’s a lot more meat in exploring Amy’s feelings about pregnancy than there was with Catherine, and, if nothing else, it’d be a shame to miss seeing everyone’s reactions (especially her family). None of which precludes BKD trying to babysit, which I agree would be delightful.

My guess, for what it’s worth, is that the jump will fall between the end of the primaries and the general election or the inauguration.