Great NewsBeing dosed up to fuck on painkillers over the last week has left me desperate for…

Great News

Being dosed up to fuck on painkillers over the last week has left me desperate for something LIGHT and CHEERY and Great News is kind of filling that hole. I’m eight episodes in and loving it (I’m also no longer in actual agony, just very, very sore, so that’s an improvement).

1. Katie and Greg are so clearly going to fall in love, and I am here for it. He’s clearly the one for her, if only because he’s the only person in the show who can manage her mother, at least a solid 50% of the time. Not to mention that they have a total inability to stay out of each other’s space.

2. In a very strange way, Great News is doing what I kind of wanted Veep to do with Dan’s story line in season 6 – actually engaging with just how ludicrous the process of making news actually is. Admittedly, they do so in a very, very light-hearted, gentle-spirited way – but it does actually look at how news stories are framed, and the thought processes that go into it. (I would have expected Veep to be far more savage, and I’m still…disappointed that they didn’t take full advantage of the possibilities offered by that plot).

3. The plot line of Katie thinking Chuck is hitting on her and struggling with how it might affect her career prospects is kind of horrifying given everything that’s come out in the last few months.

4. Every time Katie comes on screen, I come down with a serious case of Hair Envy. I also kind of wish I could do eye-liner that perfect. It’s also nice to see a woman who is not standard Hollywood size but is still clearly gorgeous and acknowledged as such.

5. Nicole Richie is a surprisingly charming screen presence, credit where it is due.

6. The actress who plays Carol is so GOOD at playing an OTT cartoon that I think it may be slightly to the detriment of the show. As a whole, it has gradually become more grounded over the course of the season, with the exception of her plots. And yet, the actress makes them work SO well that I almost don’t want it to change.

7. I love that the editor is a socially incompetent shut in, and the camera man is the only one with a sense of practicalities. From my professional life, I can say this seems accurate (about news cameramen – documentary or film is entirely different). If we ever see a sound technician, I expect him/her to be a neurotic freak.