If you’re seeing Hamilton (I’m seeing the London one too in June!), I’d recommend watching Lin-Manuel Miranda’s previous musical, In The Heights, before you do. You mentioned you’re not a huge musical fan, but I think the motif of the ‘immigrant’ outsider can be understood a lot better through ITH, giving a real sense of what LMM was trying to achieve with Hamilton. And while Hamilton does have a small (but slowly growing) body of criticism, I honestly can’t fault ITH and its authenticity.

In fairness, my slight distaste for Hamilton is based chiefly on spite – it’s just been talked up to me one to many times – so I am determined to give it a fair shake.  (And it can’t possibly be as bad as Wicked!)  Well, that, and I’ve read the biography of Hamilton that apparently inspired the musical, and there’s a slight strain of hagiography in it that set my teeth on edge.

Much to my irritation, I missed In the Heights when it was playing at the Southwark Playhouse a few years back, and I’m not aware of any plans to revive in London in the near future (though it wouldn’t surprise me if someone didn’t bring it back when Hamilton opens), so, unless you know something I don’t (?) I doubt I’ll have a chance to see it before Hamilton.