How many more AUs do you still have in mind for What Might Have Been?

At the time I came up with it, I had four in mind – all of which have now been written.  I’ve come up with another two since then – what if Buddy never got drunk that night, and what if Amy didn’t get pregnant – and someone else suggested what if they’d never met before Dan came to work for Selina.  (That is a monster incidentally, because it could potentially alter so many things in the show’s timeline – though the X factor is whether Amy knowing Dan is why Selina met with Hallows, and thus Dan, in the first episode to begin with.  We’re not told that was the case, but it seems plausible.  I definitely need to think that one through in more detail).

That said, I have been considering whether to do pause on the AUs for a while and do a season 7 fic – I have a lot of ideas in mind for it, I just haven’t been able to make the pieces fit together quite the way I want just yet.