I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well. I’ll share my headcanon: Dan and Amy get manicures together when Amy’s pregnant since they can’t do drinks anymore hahah


I don’t doubt Dan is buffed and polished and manicures to within an inch of his life, but it seems like Amy would hate it. She’d be stuck in a situation where she couldn’t walk away and she had to TALK to him, and I think we know Dan would take full advantage of that.

On the grooming thing, it always entertains me to think of how much TIME it must take them both. Amy’s hair is pin straight at all times, and I know from personal experience that takes a LOT of work (not that I can get my hair even close to that straight). As for Dan…given that in every picture I’ve ever seen of Reid Scott outside the show he has some kind of beard, for Dan to be as clean-shaven as he is at all times (except 6.10, which I think was purposeful) must be a serious commitment. Like, how often does Dan shave – twice a day? More often than that? Does he carry a razor with him at all times? Is he unaware the seemingly universal female reaction is that he looks better with scruff? (Which seems unlikely). (Amy’s FACE when she sees him with beard always entertains me – like she’s split between two equal and opposite reactions – a pure moment of WTF at Dan being NICE and wanting to climb on and ride)