Dan’s speech in “Lightweight” feels like something that would happen on The West Wing. In the show so does the scene where Amy and Dan have hotel rooms across from one another. What West Wing tropes would you like to see the show use?

Ha! Doesn’t it just. And let me tell you, Dan knows that.

The crucial difference of course is that if it was Josh or Sam or Toby saying it, they would be entirely sincere, and no doubt puffed-up with righteous indignation. Whereas Dan…the likelihood of Dan actually caring about women with eating disorders is pretty damn low. But he’ll happily playact at being an angry feminist if it’ll help him achieve his purpose. And believe me, it’s not lost on him how that reputation might be to his advantage in the longer-term.

As for tropes from the West Wing…I’m not sure. Selina becoming Secretary of State in the end might work out nicely – especially as it was the only part of the job she was genuinely good at. I’m also interested in what they’re planning to do with Leon – is he going to be Danny but EEEVIL?

It always interested me that Bartlet was supposed to have won the electoral college but not the popular vote (I think it’s implied there was a third party candidate who split the opposition a la Ross Perot), and that this diminished his political capital severely. I would like for Veep to engage just a little bit more with how politics works in the real world – legitimacy MATTERS, and there’s no way in a million years Montez would be considered a legitimate President (let alone a wunderkind who broke the glass ceiling) when she was 1) elected by the Senate not the public, and 2) only won THAT election through a clearly corrupt, and extremely public, deal with Doyle.

Literally the only reason for the press/public to love Montez so much is to make life miserable for Selina – it doesn’t actually make any kind of sense in a vaguely normal political system that the public would react that way, and it bothered me all through season 6 that the show was pretending it was sensible.

I’m not saying the politics in Veep need to reflect our current situation, but it would be nice if they made sense in their own terms, and they don’t currently. Even in a somehow non-partisan environment, the idea that Montez – who was the running mate of a candidate who failed to win an election – would be considered more legitimate than Selina – who was the running mate of a candidate who won – is batshit.