is it just me or andrew looks like anthony weiner

You know I googled Antony Weiner when I got this…and he does, a little. Andrew has better hair, but they both have the same kind of sharp, cheekbone-y faces. I think Andrew’s probably taller, though?

If this means Andrew’s going to come out of no where and ruin Selina’s campaign at the last minute, I will cry. I hate Andrew SO much – Gary attacking him may be one of my all time favourite moments in Veep, because…

Danny Chung is the one character in Veep who makes my blood boil, but Andrew comes close. It’s the blatant unfairness of…Selina gets slammed every time she turns around, she gets pulled to pieces for the slightest infraction…and yet Andrew never, NEVER has to pay the bill. He slithers out of responsibility for and all wrongdoing, and never has to endure even a moment’s loneliness. (I know Selina deserves a lot of what she gets, but even so…)

That Catherine STILL can’t see what her father is and how abusive he’s been towards her mother over their relationship is one of the more irritating aspects of how Mandel writes her. I cannot imagine the Catherine of season 2 purposely bringing Andrew back into Selina’s life when she was vulnerable – for all that she was a wet blanket, she at least understood that much. If anything, she’s regressed since then.

On the other hand, if they’re bringing Buddy back, it seems more likely HE would play the Weiner role – which might poison Selina’s relationship with Amy permanently, as we know she’ll hold Amy responsible for it.