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OMG so it looks like both Sophie and Buddy are back for 7×01 👀  

Wasn’t the 6.01 Dan’s first week on CBS this morning? He was some kind of fill-in or something? Or did I completely make up that dialogue?

That would make flashbacks – at least involving Jane – rather unlikely. On the other hand, I can’t imagine a scenario in which Buddy returns to Amy’s life in the show’s present, so maybe.

If we could get some clarity on what exactly happened in that year they were apart, I would be delighted, because I have SO MANY questions.

Maybe, as in your fic, Jane is interviewing Buddy? Some ongoing image rehabilitation, and/or he’s involved in some other potential candidate’s campaign? Ultimately what Buddy does is less important than how Amy react to him. They don’t have to interact directly for that.

Hoping Jane gets to pop up regularly, even if it’s just as a talking head on the news.

If that happens, I will laugh and laugh and laugh. But I agree, it’s not so much what Buddy does as how Amy (and Dan) react. As much as I’d enjoy any scenario where Buddy tries to step in as Amy’s support (because Dan would flip his lid), it seems a very sitcom-y beat for Veep to play out – and I can’t imagine Amy considering it for even a moment.

I would love it if Margaret Colin became a fixture – maybe interviewing Dan as a talking head for Selina’s campaign – though I’m saddened Mary Holland isn’t on the list, and there’s no sign of my beloved Shawnee. Maybe in a later episode.

As far as I can see a Buddy in the present time line can be doing one of two things:  either he’s trying to rehab his image or he’s spiraling Anthony Weiner style, and frankly Weiner, like Trump, may be beyond satire. (I haven’t seen the documentary Weiner, but a friend told me that if some of the scene were on Veep, she would have thought the writers had gone too far over the top.) If they do the former then Amy’s reaction would be about calling out his bullshit, and if they do the latter it’s a dodge that bullet thing.  The former is more active and seems to invite more of her defining what she wants or wanted in a relationship.

(Also with Sophie coming back, you have to wonder how that relationship has changed in the past two years show time. Amy may have more or less ghosted her sister like she did to Dan. They lived in different states most of the time, it would have been relatively easy to limit interaction to when their parents need them.)

Hopefully Shawnee will be back at some point.

I seem to recall David Mandel saying Buddy’s storyline specifically had to be changed because of the accusations against Trump (which are STILL less outre than the ones involving David Cameron and a pig)…which, rightly or wrongly, would lead me to believe they’re more likely to go down the Weiner path. Being ghosted by Amy doesn’t tend to make men better, kinder people, if Dan is anything to go by.

Buddy continuing to be awful could potentially be interesting though – I can see Dan assuming that under the circumstances of COURSE Amy will want to be with him, will feel like she doesn’t have any other options, not quite realising perhaps that Buddy being terrible doesn’t make Dan more attractive. As in, it may allow her to define more forcefully just how low her expectations of Dan really are.

My working assumption is that Amy moved to Nevada relatively early on in the relationship, and kind of got…stuck, for lack of better term. But I agree, I’m SURE she ghosted Sophie as much as it was possible for her to do so. If anything, it was a WORSE betrayal on Sophie’s part than Dan’s.

(You have to wonder what her parents think of all of this – I feel like SOMEONE should have been worried about her, because between Buddy and Dan, Amy was throwing out warning signs all over the place that she was profoundly unhappy, and yet we see no sign of concern from anyone).

I’m reasonably sure that Dan at least TRIED to speak to Amy during that year – for him to stop demanding her attention would be VERY out of character – but Sophie never seemed particularly fond of Amy, and always seemed to resent people even paying to attention to her… so she may not have noticed or minded that Amy had cut her out. In fact, if it meant Amy was no longer competition for attention from their parents, she may have been glad. (Even by Veep standards, Sophie is HORRIBLE – they haven’t given her a single redeeming feature).

I hadn’t thought of that possible effect of Buddy’s spiraling, but I like it. Dan needs to be told that other people being bad doesn’t make him look good by multiple people.

As for Sophie, I was thinking, what if with Amy gone, she doesn’t have anyone to take out her frustrations at life on? If Amy was providing some sort of release that she otherwise doesn’t have, then loosing her sister’s attention would be a fitting punishment.

Which brings me back to what I want Amy: which is for her to be active and to look active. Cutting people out of one’s life is an active thing to do, but dramatically it only looks active in hindsight. On an episode by episode basis it just looks like she’s taking shit. It’s kind of ironic, that a character with one of the show’s longest term plot lines is done a disservice by the plots becoming less episodic, more serialized. It arguably fits with the characters reticence that the most active things she’s doing (her job/looking for a different job) aren’t part of the onscreen action most of the time. There is still a season left to try and stick that landing, whatever it may be, but that’s built on a lot of frustration.

I think Dan is finally going to realise that being incredibly good looking does not necessarily make him an attractive human being – which will do him good, frankly.

As for Sophie – she’s been so…loosely written, that I think they could write her a number of ways, and have it work. Though I don’t know if Amy has to be IN Sophie’s life for Sophie to lash out at her emotionally. I do kind of love the idea of Sophie resenting Dan for causing a rift between them, because it’s the kind of wilful lack of self-awareness that Veep has always depicted incredibly well… but I tend to think Sophie is going to see the pregnancy as ‘proving’ that Amy’s not ‘better’ than her and never has been – she too is going to have an illegitimate child – and will rub that point in without mercy.

We’re left to infer a hell of a lot about Amy’s actions when it comes to Dan (and Buddy), but I’m not sure I necessarily expect that to change much. Her storyline with Dan has been her longest-running plot, but up until season 4 it was always very much on the margins, and even when it becomes more of a focus, there still aren’t many scenes putting it front and centre.

That said, if we can get that long overdue shouting match, I think it will do a lot to fill us in on Amy’s decision-making process – and with Buddy returning, we may get some more clarity on that too. Dan is the only person who’s ever got Amy to express herself emotionally, so if he pushes (the way he SHOULD have in 5.03) it may all come out. So, I guess I’m hoping he’ll use his powers of great prickishness for good instead of evil.

The other thing is if they can STOP tying Amy’s professional success to her love life, it would do a LOT to keep her plot from feeling so aimless. Anna Chlumsky talked about the audience wanting Amy to pull out of the downward spiral, so hopefully we’ll get something like that. (I know why they did it, but it still strains credibility that no one wanted to hire her after Buddy).

Dan needs to be taken down a few pegs, not utterly destroyed, but enough to get some awareness of his presence in Amy’s life. 

One of my favorite scenes in season 6 was Dan taking on Buddy, sadly at Amy’s expense, but I think it’s a nice representation of Dan: short-sightedness and the one thing he takes a stance on (women’s rights), add the fact that even if Buddy wasn’t the scum of the earth Dan would still hate him. Though the comment about Amy’s age was not necessary, I can see it in this kind of narrow focused “I must destroy Buddy” kind of way. 

Him coming back is a bit weird. He can’t think the kid is his. He really has no right in Amy’s life. Maybe as a part of his “rehabilitation” he wants Amy’s public forgiveness.  Maybe it’s part of a book tour a la Tom James.

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Buddy REALLY got under Dan’s skin, so it’s going to be interesting to see his reaction to Buddy showing up again in season 7

Especially as, as much as I have, in general, limited sympathy for Dan, this is one instance where I do kind of get it from his perspective. He tends to have a pretty intense contempt for men who commit sexual assault or harassment (which Buddy definitely did to that poor police officer), but it’s not just that. Think about it, Dan fucks up with Amy once, when they weren’t even dating, and she ghosts him, moves across the country and plans to marry someone else. Buddy fucked up on a much grander scale, humiliated Amy publicly, and forced her into being the good wife… and Amy still plans to marry him. It’s not FAIR.

Which would also explain that little bit of nastiness about Amy’s age at the end of the scene – not to mention throwing the bomb of their past relationship in, just to discombobulate Buddy. It’s anger AT her for, in Dan’s eyes, giving Buddy chances she didn’t give him. (He has the self-awareness of a mollusc mind you if he doesn’t understand why he ran out of chances quite a while back).

Of course, I think Dan realised what was going to happen as soon as he had that little exchange with Amy about Downton Abbey – which is why he softens so quickly, and probably also why he starts smiling to himself. He almost certainly knew Amy was going to leave Buddy before she did.

That scene finally makes complete sense to me.