I loved your wardrobe analysis, especially the bit about Amy’s little black dress – I love her in black and every time she wears it I always wish Dan could see her at that moment. Hopefully S7 will give us that!

Thank you anon – sincerely.  (I’m a classic actor type… I always enjoy compliments).

The little black dress thing is kind of fascinating, because I’m not entirely sure what they’re trying to convey.  When I was planning out the post, I knew that she’d changed to go meet Dan in Chicklet, and I remembered that the ‘post-sex’ dress was noticeably better than her other costumes that episode… but I hadn’t realised that it was the same dress both times.  

And you’re right – she does look great in black, though I admit I found the endless array of black/navy dresses in the middle of season 6 rather depressing.  I think the audience is…overdue a moment where Amy makes Dan’s jaw drop – he’s talked her down so much, she deserves to bask in positive attention from him at least once.  (But this is Veep we’re talking about, so I tend to doubt that we’ll get it).