what do you think dan and amy’s mbti types are?

That’s the letter personality types, right?  ENFP or TP or whatever it is.

I have no idea.  It’s not a tool I’ve ever used as a writer – I have to think about them as individuals, not as types, if I’m going to get into their heads.  

That said, Dan is definitely, definitely, definitely an E – he’s an extrovert par excellence.  From what we’ve seen of him, I think it’s clear he doesn’t much like being alone – and he certainly doesn’t have the tendencies towards introspection that make solitude pleasant – he’s always the one pushing Amy to stay for another drink, to have meals together, to stay.  He enjoys being with her, her company, more than he enjoys being by himself.  And when Amy’s not around, he’ll make do with whoever else will have him.